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DCR specialise in providing tailored insurance to perceived high risk contracting trades including Construction & Building firms, Utility and Groundworks Contractors, Drainage Contractors and Demolition Contractors. 

Specialist Insurance for the Contracting Industry

With a commitment to understanding the unique challenges faced by high-risk contracting trades, DCR goes beyond conventional insurance solutions. 

Our team of experts collaborate closely with clients to assess specific project needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage that addresses potential risks inherent to the construction and contracting industries. 

DCR takes pride in its ability to offer not just insurance, but a strategic risk management approach tailored to each client’s operations. This personalised touch sets us apart, as we recognise that no two contracting businesses are alike, and a one-size-fits-all insurance approach may leave critical gaps in coverage.

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Types of Cover

Some of the potential risks that waste insurance may protect against include:

Liability Claims:

This can include claims arising from accidents, injuries, or damage to property or employees.

Pollution Liability:

Insurance may cover costs associated with environmental clean-up and remediation if there are pollution incidents or environmental damage caused by waste-related activities.

Product Liability:

Products Liability insurance offers coverage for contractors, protecting them from financial losses due to legal claims arising from injuries or property damage caused by defects in the products they use.

Professional Indemnity:

Professional Indemnity insurance provides financial protection for contractors against legal costs and claims for damages arising from acts of negligence or errors in their professional services.

Construction Contract Works Insurance:

Construction Contract Works Insurance provides coverage for the physical construction project, safeguarding against risks such as damage, theft, or destruction during the construction process.

Property Plant & Equipment:

Construction Fleet Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for a company's fleet of vehicles involved in construction activities, protecting against damages, accidents, and other liabilities associated with the vehicles used in construction operations.

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