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Waste & Recycling Motor Fleet Insurance

Specialist Insurance for the Waste & Recycling Industry

A specialist insurance product designed for businesses in the waste management and recycling industry that operate a fleet of vehicles. This type of insurance provides comprehensive cover for the vehicles used in waste collection, transportation, and recycling operations. Here are some key features and aspects of Waste and Recycling Motor Fleet Insurance:

  • Cover for Vehicles: This insurance can cover a wide range of vehicles typically used in the waste and recycling industry, including garbage trucks, recycling trucks, collection vehicles, compactors, sweepers, forklifts, and haulage vehicles.
  • Comprehensive Cover: It offers coverage for various risks and potential incidents, including accidents, damage to vehicles, theft, vandalism, and third-party liability claims arising from vehicle-related accidents.

Insurers may encourage or require the implementation of fleet maintenance and safety measures to reduce the risk of accidents and claims. DCR will always work with clients to help identify trends and patterns, reducing costs and subsequently your premiums.

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